The smart robot for cleaning windows with variable speed HUTT W66

The smart home ecosystem has become a part of the lives of many young people. It covers almost all technology, from simple device control to security equipment and home appliances.

As a rather lazy person, I definitely hope that all housework will be done automatically, the easier the better. Therefore, household appliances such as dishwashers and robotic vacuum cleaners are indispensable.

If you live in a multi-story building, you will definitely want to admire the beautiful landscapes in the distance every day. But, of course, over time the windows become dirty and it is not very convenient to wash them. So you have to either spend money on a professional window cleaner or wash the windows yourself. At the same time, washing the glass yourself is rather troublesome, and hiring a special person is generally not cheap.

So, what HUTTCLEANTECH is offering you today is a smart window cleaner. It can spray water automatically and wash windows automatically. This is an intelligent variable frequency window cleaning robot from HUTT W66.



Upon unpacking the outer packaging, you can see a sturdy storage bag. All parts of the HUTT window cleaning robot are in it. Thus, you can use the bag to store the robot and accessories.

hutt w66 window cleaning robot

The bag contains the robot window cleaner itself, 4 wipes, a remote control, a set of power adapters, hutt w66 manual, small watering cans and other accessories.

All 4 wipes can be cleaned and reused. It is estimated that the need to buy consumables will disappear for a long time.

hutt w66 vs w55

But I think the most attractive thing is the extra long power cord. It is so long that it can easily handle any window glass in the house.

HUTT window cleaning robot w66

Next, we look at the robot. The white slim body can be operated with one hand. The lightweight 7.6 cm thick design makes it easy to use to wipe glass on the windows of the anti-theft fence. Earlier, wider washers could not cope with this task.

hutt w66

The bottom of the window cleaning robot is the most important. Wipes, suction cups and tracks are attached to it for movement. The strong suction power of 2600 Pa combined with an innovative synthetic material track allows the equipment to move more reliably on the glass without slipping.

The body is also equipped with a 150 ml water tank, which is sprayed automatically. In the front part there are 8 nozzles for wetting the cloth and the surface. This way, even stubborn stains on the glass can be easily washed away.


However, let's test it first. If you are using it for the first time, I still recommend that you read the instructions carefully.

hutt w66

First and foremost is safety. Install a safety rope first to prevent accidental fall of the device.

window cleaning robot hutt w66

Then plug in the power adapter and install a tissue. Fill the water tank and the window cleaning robots hutt w66 is ready to use.

Then turn on the red switch at the bottom and the robot will start working. Place it gently on the glass and it will suck firmly.

Then press the start button, it will automatically recognize the surface to be cleaned and start cleaning.

hutt window cleaning robot w66

The W66 window cleaning robot uses a laser module to measure range. Compared to the previous model, the W66 can more accurately detect the position of the edge of the window frame. Before moving, he will assess the situation. More importantly, it can easily wash frameless glass.


The HUTT W66 window cleaning robots is equipped with an intelligent frequency conversion suction algorithm. It can recognize the degree of dirt on the glass and automatically adjust the suction power. This avoids excessive pressure from scratching dirty glass and also ensures effective cleaning.

If the glass is very dirty, the robot will automatically increase the suction power; while with relatively clean glass, the power will be weaker.

In addition, the W66 also comes with a remote control. On it, select the operating mode, dry and wet cleaning, as well as multiple cleaning.

In addition, the W66 also comes with a remote control. On it, select the operating mode, dry and wet cleaning, as well as multiple cleaning.

Besides washing windows, W66 can also wash mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

Besides washing windows, W66 can also wash mirrors and other smooth surfaces.

Most of all I like the way the robot wipes the mirror. Since the W66 laser module automatically recognizes angles, there is no need to remove objects in front of the mirror.

Water flow control keeps glass clean and streak-free. Also, drips will not remain on the table or sink.

hutt w66

From a security point of view. In addition to the safety rope, the W66 also has a built-in lithium battery. Even if a sudden power outage occurs at home, the device will not fall. Because the built-in battery can work for 20-30 minutes, firmly adhering to the glass.

In addition, the W66 optimizes the internal air duct, making the equipment quieter. During work, the robot will not interfere with you.

There is a built-in function of voice prompts. After wiping, there will be a voice memo.


This smart W66 variable speed window cleaning robot from HUTT has many improvements over previous models. The laser sensor is combined with a thin and light body that can easily handle a variety of surfaces. Built-in water tank and automatic sprinkler will easily clean stains on windows. Voice broadcast and a built-in battery also make the device safer. With such a device, you are one step closer to home automation.

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