HUTT W66 is a powerful robotic window cleaner from the Xiaomi ecosystem.

HUTT W66 is a powerful robotic window cleaner from the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Do you have a lot of windows at home and don't want to clean them by hand? Do they therefore remain unwashed for a long time? The solution is an electric, robotic window cleaner HUTT W66. It has a 150 ml water tank and can wash up to an area of ​​70 - 80 m independently2.

Favorable coupon price

The HUTT W66 robotic window cleaner is sold through the Aliexpress online marketplace, where it is even available in a French warehouse with express delivery within 7 days. However, the last three pieces are currently in stock, so do not hesitate to buy for a long time.

Easy to wash windows effortlessly

The HUTT W66 robotic window cleaner is one of the most interesting models in the category of automatic window cleaners. It is a very powerful model that effectively washes all windows or other glass surfaces in the home.

HUTT W66 has excellent suction power up to 2600 Pa. The robotic window cleaner can automatically adjust the suction force according to the type of glass. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about it falling during cleaning. It is truly one of the most powerful models in this segment.

Inside is a water tank with a capacity 150mlwhich is sufficient to wash the surface 70 - 80 m2. This robot dispenses water automatically according to current needs.

The HUTT W66 robotic window cleaner has a laser sensor, thanks to which it can intelligently avoid obstacles. It is lightweight, portable and even has one UPS backup power supply. If you run out of electricity, the robotic cleaner can work for another 20 minutes thanks to this source.

You don't even have to worry about engine life. Inside, there is a high-quality carbon-free motor, which is characterized by a long service life and is maintenance-free. All you have to do is pour water, turn on the robotic cleaner in electricity, place it on the window and take care of the rest automatically. The package also includes a practical storage case.


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