Is it troublesome to clean the glass in your home? Let HUTT C6 intelligent window cleaning robot help you.

Is it troublesome to clean the glass in your home? Let HUTT C6 intelligent window cleaning robot help you.

Cleaning glass in your home can be very painful.

Usually there is no one at home, and when it comes to holidays, it is very annoying. Every time people come, it is very annoying. Because no one lives in the house, the dust accumulates very high, especially the windows and glass sliding doors. It takes a day to clean.
So, I bought a HUTT intelligent inverter window cleaning machine online to help me clean the window glass.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech

This machine is still quite delicate, the machine is white and oval. Transparent water tank, you can see the water capacity.
There is a gray concave in the center of the body surface, which is convenient for the handle to move when used. There is a gray round button switch above the handle, and there is a brand logo under the switch. The overall design is very simple and elegant.

Hutt HUTT intelligent variable frequency window cleaning robot has 6 core technologies in high-rise window cleaning:

1. Intelligent path planning

Innovative reciprocating overlapping path planning, predicts the position of the edge of the window in advance and decelerates in advance, reduces the contact force with the window frame, optimizes the obstacle avoidance path for the handles of different types of windows, moves flexibly, and automatically returns to the original position after wiping, This series of operations does not require manual operation, and even if the window is high, it can be wiped so that the user can remove the danger of climbing.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
2. Frequency conversion suction

The Hutt frequency conversion window cleaning robot will automatically collect the glass surface data and analyze it, and finally adjust the window cleaning pressure dynamically. No matter whether the surface is smooth or rough, it can be cleaned by spraying clean water on the towel or glass surface, avoiding other washing liquids. Damage to the glass, effectively remove rain stains, water marks, floating ash, mud spots, haze particles toothpaste foam, watercolor pens, insect and bird droppings and other common stains in a short time, this product is a one-way pass The glass is cleaned by adsorption, so it is also useful for bathroom mirrors.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
3. Special track

Under the machine is a design of a crawler. The material of the crawler is innovative technology material, the outer layer is Q-elastic viscous material, and the inner core is high-elasticity and toughness silica gel. It can also better protect the window glass from scratches when the work is moving.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
4. Special edge sensor

The four corners of the machine are equipped with non-stuck rotating anti-drop sensors, which can flexibly rotate, move, turn, and detect edges at any position of the window and will never get stuck. The degree of friction with the window frame is reduced.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
5. Ultra-thin body

The thickness of the frequency conversion window cleaning machine is only 7.6cm, and it can easily drill through the place where the guardrail is installed, and it is not afraid that the glass can not bear it when it is hung on the glass. Coupled with the large suction force of 2800PA brought by the brushless motor, the machine can withstand a vertical pulling force of 7KG, which strongly indicates that the machine will not fall when working.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
6, UPS anti-drop

This machine is equipped with a UPS anti-power-off safety system, which can adsorb for 30 minutes and continue to alarm when the power is off outside.

7. 80ml large capacity water tank,

Clean and Disinfect High Surfaces Easily

With 80ml large water tank to wet wipe multiple windows at a time. Equipped with a micro diaphragm pump to spray water in an accurate volume. Add disinfectant to clean and disinfect the surfaces where it goes during pandemics.
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
In addition to these, the HUTT intelligent frequency conversion window cleaning robot also has a noise reduction air duct design. The large hidden air vent and the curved air duct design make the air smooth and quiet, and the hands cannot feel any airflow during operation, which effectively avoids dust during work. troubles.

The HUTT intelligent frequency conversion window cleaning robot can also clean various facades in the home, including tile walls, glass doors, wooden doors, large wardrobes, bathroom glass, mirrors and other material facades.

In order to enhance the user experience, the machine has two modes of remote control one-button control and host independent control, which are simple, fast and convenient for cleaning of various facades.

Finally, this machine is a wired machine, so it should be used with a power cord when using it.

Let me tell you about my experience after using it!

The machine also doesn't feel great hanging on the glass and the glass can afford it. In the accessory box, there is a main unit, four rags, a remote control, a power cord combined with a safety cord, a charging plug, a power adapter, a 100ml watering can, a manual and a user guide.

After installing the machine accessories, I experimented with the glass in my kitchen that had oily smoke, and it felt pretty good.

After the machine is turned on, the machine can be firmly hung on the glass, and the machine is very sensitive to the signal from the remote control. There is also no noise during operation.
Later, I tried the autonomous control of the host again, and after observing it, I felt that the sensitivity was quite high, and it would also turn autonomously at the edge of the window. It really freed my hands to speed up the cleaning time!
hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech
When wet wiping, there will be no dirty water dripping to stain the wall, but it takes a few operations to feel the stubborn stains, which I feel can still be understood. After cleaning, it will automatically return to the original place.

Because I'm lazy, I later used it to wipe the tiled walls in my bathroom, and the super high ceiling was finally able to be wiped.
For the slippery tiled wall with gaps, I was afraid that it would fall off and suck at first. Later, it proved that he is quite strong in this regard. Also very clean.
In the end my job was to take it off, unplug it, remove the rag and wash it to dry. No kidding, I feel a lot easier with it.

Finally, to summarize its advantages:

1. The body is light and small, and can shuttle in a small space

2. No need for manual movement, convenient and efficient

3. Able to clean out of reach

4. The rag is easy to disassemble and clean

5. The adsorption is very tight when working, it will not fall, and collisions will be avoided, and no one needs to be looked after.

6. Can carry out cleaning of various materials

7. Complete safety protection measures

8. Intelligent or remote control, free hands

It is worth buying this HUTT intelligent variable frequency anti-drop window cleaning robot. Friends who have a favorite step up to buy it!

hutt c6 window cleaning robot - hutt clean tech

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