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HUTT W8 Dual Water Spray Window Cleaning Robot


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HUTT W8 Dual Water Spray Window Cleaning Robot


The HUTT W8 window cleaning robot features a “whale spout” dual water spray system, allowing water solution or dry cleaning methods. An 80 ml water tank enables the robot to clean up to 35 m² (~377 ft²) and is visible so you can see when you need to top it up.

The HUTTTHINK Intelligent Algorithm lets the robot adapt the power to suit different environments and stains, with a maximum of 3,800 Pa suction. A range of cleaning modes is available to deep cleanse mud, oil, and other dirt stains with a high-density cleaning pad. The gadget can clean in horizontal and vertical patterns, with precise laser sensors detecting obstacles and edges.

An intelligent voice prompt feature provides real-time status updates from the robot, and security features include a safety rope and automatic air pressure compensation. The gadget measures 241 x 241 x 83 mm (~9.5 x 9.5 x 3.3-in) and weighs 1.41 kg (~3.1 lbs).

HUTT W8 Dual Water Spray Window Cleaning Robot

Product Mode: HUTT W8

Power (W): 90

Voltage (V): 24V

Body thickness: 8.3cm

Speed: 27000 rpm/min

Suction power: 3800Pa

Battery: Backup Li Battery

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Water tank: 80mL

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