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Warranty service from AliExpress and Amazon or other purchase channels

Warranty service from AliExpress and Amazon or other purchase channels

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If you did not purchase the robot from this website, please pay for the multilingual manual.

A note about buying from Amazon and eBay

The HUTT window cleaning robot does not sell on Amazon or Aliexpress and does not cover warranty on units bought through Amazon or Aliexpress.

We have had quite a few people contact us about units they have bought from Amazon or Aliexpress and now cannot get support or warranty.

Somethings to be aware of when buying from Amazon and Aliexpress.

HUTT does not cover any warranty on robots bought through Amazon or Aliexpress.

Amazon and Aliexpress only keep records for 60 days, after that it's nearly impossible to follow up on something you bought.

Aliexpress and Amazon Warranty

Buying from Aliexpress or Amazon can be an attractive option, but it has a major drawback: it is little or no support and no warranty.

Warranty and support for robots bought from Aliexpress or Amazon can be bought from HUTTCLEANTECH.

Including but not limited to the following: HUTT English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Japanese, Korean manuals, hutt w66 manual pdf, hutt w66 user manual, hutt w66 update, hutt w66 firmware, etc.

Warranty and support cover can be bought for the following models;

To avoid doubt, your Warranty does not protect against the following;

1. Costs associated with freight, transportation, or delivery for warranted items.

2. Costs associated with installation, dismantling, or re-installation of the warranted item.

3. Cosmetic or physical damage.

4. Accidental or malicious damage, misuse, negligence, or faults caused by a failure to provide routine maintenance.

5. Faults that have resulted from wear and tear, including rusting, corrosion, dirt, moisture, or mold.

6. Consequential loss or damage of any kind.

7. Consumables such as user-replaceable batteries, brushes, filters.

8. Repairs carried out by repair agents that are not authorized by us.

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