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Smart Window Cleaning Robot HUTT W55

Smart Window Cleaning Robot HUTT W55

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  1. 1. Intelligent path planning, able to avoid obstacles.
  1. 2. Collect glass surface data. Dynamically adjust window cleaning pressure to wipe the clean glass with different degrees of dirt
  1. 3. Achieve 99 % cleanliness at all times. Built-in detecting edge sensors. It cleans frameless glass without leaving any streaks or watermarks.
  1. 4. Non-slip special track.Multi-layer composite material track design, not afraid of strong wind.
  1. 5. Rotating anti-drop sensor. At any position of the window, it can be flexibly rotated, mowed, edged, and turned. It is determined not to be stuck or fall,
  1. 6. Brushless motor 25000RPM/MIN brings surging suction power.2800PA maximum suction can withstand 7KG vertical tension
  1. 7. Only 6CM ultra-thin design, Not afraid of having security windows, lighter body,
  1. 8. Noise reduction air duct design, quiet without blowing hands
  1. 9. UPS anti-power-off safety system, accidental power-off can be absorbed for 30 minutes and continue to alarm.
  1. 10. In addition to windows, you can also wipe other facades of the house. Can be used for ceramic tiles, glass doors, wooden doors, large wardrobes, bathroom glass, mirrors, and other materials
  2. 11. Packages: Main unit*1, remote control*1, rag*4, charging plug*1, power adapter*1, safety rope*1, 100ml spray can*1, manual*1, quick use guide*1
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