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Xiaomi Artdog S8 Window Cleaning Robot Smart Water Spray Controlled by App.


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Xiaomi Artdog S8 Window Cleaning Robot Smart Water Spray Controlled by App.

  1. XIAOMI ARTDOG S8 WINDOW CLEANER: Scientific path planning + Super suction power + Rotating wiping method + High-density microfiber cleaning cloth = More efficient and thorough cleaning.
  2. 3.5min/㎡ window cleaning speed, better than the rival products of the industry.
  3. XIAOMI ARRTDOG S8 window cleaning robot automatic spray water function makes it easier for effective cleaning of heavily stained surfaces.
  4. Easily cope with a variety of usage scenarios: In addition to cleaning glass windows, it can also clean mirrors, tile walls, marble walls, other flat and smooth surfaces, and even the floor. It can be used for multiple purposes.
  5. Not only can clean large glass but also can easily deal with narrow spaces (minimum 30 × 30cm).
  6. Cleaning radius can reach 5m, even longer.

Multiple safety designs:

  1. Strong suction results in high reliability.
  2. High-sensitivity edge detection sensor with advanced algorithm, avoid falling risks in time.
  3. XIAOMI ARRTDOG S8 window cleaning robot built-in UPS (uninterrupted power system) large capacity(650mAh) lithium-ion battery provides suction power automatically and supports longer than 35min in case of accidental power failure.
  4. High-strength and anti-winding safety rope, load-bearing weight as high as 120kgf, firmly ensure safety.
  • AI Algorithm
  • Machine thickness optimized to 7cm (the thinnest in the market)
  • APP control
  • Easy connection to Wi-Fi via Tuya Smart Home system
  • 3800pa Super Suction Power
  • Intelligently adjust suction on different surfaces
  • Built-in 80ml large capacity visible water tank
  • Medical grade nozzle for spraying large amounts of water mist
  • Rhythmically spray water ahead in the designed cleaning path.
  • Ultra-strong performance adjustment
  • Noise reduction and sealed design
  • Dry + Wet cleaning modes
  • Intelligent cleaning path, one key start
  • Frameless window applicable
  • Voice broadcast
  • High-density fiber wiping towel
Xiaomi Artdog S8 Window Cleaning Robot Smart Water Spray Controlled by App.

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