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Keep Your Hands Free - HUTT window cleaning robot review.

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Residents living in high-rises always face a problem, that is, how to clean the glass safely? Hiring cleaners may be a good choice. But the cost will be higher. Cleaning the windows yourself is tiring and unsafe. Is there any other way? Today, let’s try a new window cleaning robot: HUTT W55 smart window cleaning robot.

It is different from the HUTT robot of two-sided strong magnetic window cleaning products on the market. This window cleaner is a single-sided suction window, as long as it is turned on, it can be placed on the glass, automatic cleaning glass.

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Appearance adopts square design, matte shell. The front is an integrated handle. With this width, girls’ hands can be grasped with one hand. It weighs only 1.8kg and is very light. Can be started with one hand. The experience is super cool.

In terms of safety, the W55 window cleaner is equipped with a metal joint safety rope, which is very strong. There is also a power cord connected to the fuselage. Experiment: Dropped from a height of 6m without any problems with the safety rope. In addition, there is a UPS anti-power-off system inside, which can be absorbed for 20 minutes after an accidental power failure, and continue to alarm.

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There are special tracks on the bottom of the machine, and there are rotary anti-fall sensors at the four corners. These can ensure that the window cleaner will not fall off and will be stuck on the glass.

For the first time, I was skeptical about the ability of the W55. Such dirty glass will not be wiped clean. I use the product to clean the dusty glass and test its cleaning ability. I did not expect the effect would be very good and very clean.

Wipe to the bottom of the glass to see. The rag is too dirty because of its strong suction. After wiping, the machine beeps and returns to the starting position, waiting for you to take it off.

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Finally, we look at the effect of cleaning. very obvious. Compared with the pain of artificial and window cleaning tools, we can enjoy afternoon tea at home, and we can complete the cleaning. The effect is beyond expectation, and the dust and dirt are successfully cleaned.

This is what the rag looks like after cleaning. The window cleaner's cleaning ability is very strong, and a large circle of stains is clearly seen. The rag and the glass's contact area are very combined and can be adsorbed on the rag, and the dust will not fall.

HUTT window cleaner can clean glass. You can also clean bathroom tiles, mirrors, doors, and you can also use it to wipe the car. A lot of useful features.

hutt w55 window cleaner,hutt robot, window cleaning robot ,hutt clean tech

HUTT W55 is very fast and convenient during use. Whether it’s a sweeper or a window cleaner, the edge zone is a difficult place for robots to clean. Officially because of its square design, it can be cleaned to a dead end. The overall window cleaning effect made me very happy. Compared with the same type of window cleaning robot, its design and efficiency are very good, it is worth recommending.

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