Collection: Wet- Dry Vacuum Cleaner Mop

Dry and wet vacuum cleaner

The wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop are good at cleaning up a variety of wet and dry dirt on the ground! No matter dust, hair, rice grains, water stains, kitchen waste stains, etc. are easily removed, dry and wet garbage is cleaned up at once. Just add an appropriate amount of cleaning and disinfectant to the water tank, you can mop and decontaminate at the same time, and it can also automatically clean the roller brush with one button, eliminating the trouble of dismantling and hand washing and odor. There is also an intelligent induction frequency conversion cleaning function, which automatically senses the degree of dirt and adjusts the suction and water output. Double independent detachable water tanks for clean water and sewage ensure that you can wash the floor with clean water, and the sewage will be sucked away after wiping, clean and separate without pollution~

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