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HUTT is a professional R&D company for intelligent hardware of facade object cleaning equipment.

HUTT focuses on the research and development of window cleaning robots. Started product research and development in 2016. The company has its own core team for products, engineering, and markets.

The backgrounds of team members involve integrated circuits, material applications, industrial design, structural design, software algorithms, embedded systems and other disciplines. , Have the ability to continuously innovate and iterate products.

Hutt has rich experience in frequency conversion suction algorithm and window cleaning machine structure optimization technology. It continues to explore and innovate in the field of facade cleaning. At present, the company has applied for a number of invention patents and utility model patents.

Pursue the ultimate window cleaning experience, adhering to the two values of sincerity and innovation

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Hutt has been deeply researching the needs of facade cleaning in different scenarios in the home environment, and rethinking and redesigning the internal hardware, structure and appearance of the product in essence, so as to pursue higher product aesthetics and better user experience. Provide consumers with high-quality and practical smart cleaning equipment.

We respect every customer and partner, and deal with problems and negotiate cooperation with an open and inclusive mind.
We believe that the fundamental of product research and development is to think from the essence of the problem, in order to continue to propose innovative technical solutions, without letting go of any details that can enhance the experience, and provide customers with practical and beautiful products.

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