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All in one sweep, mopping, and washes, smart cordless handheld wet-dry vac

All in one sweep, mopping, and washes, smart cordless handheld wet-dry vac

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A new smart tool that sweeps, mopping, and washes, cordless handheld wet dry vacuum DIISEA DSF0018G.

  • Separate garbage from wet and dry, clean the floor deeply

The floor is dirty, wet, and dry garbage is done at once, easy to deal with, and care for the floor to be clean.Smart Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner mop scrubbing vacuum cleaner

  • The real-time self-cleaning system, intelligent one-key self-cleaning

Sweeping and mopping, and self-cleaning.
Clean dirt separation, roll brush dirt is immediately recovered, and the clean water tank is cleaned in real-time, and it will not become dirtier and dirtier.Best Electric Mops and Scrubbers vac

  • Traction power-scrubbing

Easy to sweep, mop, and wash without fatigue. Wireless handheld, traction power, simple operation

60 minutes long-lasting battery life. Easily get a large space of 300 square metersscrubbing vac vacmop vacuum cordless handheld wet dry vac

  • Easily clean the bottom of the sofa and bed

Innovative patented technology, the handle can be rotated 90° up and down, 180° left and right, the body lying flat is only 8

scrubbing vac vacmop mop Wet dry vac cleaner

  • Body waterproof Can be rinsed with water when turned on.
  • Integrated noise reduction technology, less than 60 decibels.

The sound is 25% lower than that of the traditional washing machine, which does not disturb the rest of the familyscrubbing vacuum cleaner vacuum scrubber scrub vacuum vacuum scrubber cleaner

  • Medical grade sterilization

The ground ozone water film continues to sterilize, and the inside of the machine is sterilized in real-time for the sewage tank and dust box, and there is no health residue.wet dry mop vacuum cleaner

  • Separation of net/soil tank to avoid cross-contamination

Large-capacity double water tanks prevent secondary pollution.

  • Wireless handheld design, weight as low as 3.55 kg, bid farewell to heavy cleaning tools。Wet Dry Vacs Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Hard Floors

Product Accessories

➊The main body of the fuselage.   ❷Operation lever     ❸Connecting rod

❹Water purification tank               ❺Sewage tank          ❺Dry trash box

❼Brush                                          ❽Drum                     ❾Cleaning brush

❾Charging base                            Charger                 Positive manual

original cleaning fluid

Smart scrubbing mop Water Dust Circulation Technology

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