What is a window cleaning robot and how to choose it?

What is a window cleaning robot and how to choose it?

It is a household appliance that meets the needs of smart home life. Through the precise algorithm of artificial intelligence, it can realize the functions of automatic glass cleaning and window cleaning. Intelligently adjust the adsorption strength to easily wipe off stubborn stains. In addition, the window cleaning path can be designed according to information such as the width of the window material, saving time and effort. In the current smart life, the window cleaning robot can easily get you out of the labor at home, and of course it is also a wave of welfare for "lazy people".

1. Are window cleaning robots useful?

First of all, I want to say that whether it is useful or not depends on your own needs. Of course, if you want to get rid of housework, it must be useful. If you want to work by yourself, it is relatively useless. Different people have different needs. To measure whether a product is useful or not depends on whether there is any Market demand. It turns out that there is a need, and that is what works for most people. Next, let’s start with the principles and advantages.

(1) Principle

The window cleaning robot uses the high-speed rotation of the vacuum pump and the fan device to generate a pressure difference during movement or work. The air pressure in the part with high airflow speed will be lower than the air pressure in the part with small flow speed, that is to say, the device is firmly adsorbed on the glass through the air pressure difference. . Relying on this, the function of the cleaning rag is to drive the cleaning rag to wipe the glass through tight adsorption. Of course, the core part is his intelligent algorithm technology as a home robot, which can realize automatic navigation, automatic identification, automatic edge judgment, and during the moving process, the moving path can be reset according to the actual situation.

In the current market, there are two types of window cleaning robots: vacuum suction cup adsorption and fan adsorption.

Vacuum adsorption, as the name implies, uses the vacuum pump at the bottom to extract the bottom air to form a large adsorption force, so that the robot can be easily adsorbed on the glass in a vacuum environment. The glass material required for this adsorption is not so limited. Generally, as long as it is flat and free of obstacles, it can operate normally.

The window cleaning robot adsorbed by the brushless fan forms a vacuum layer through the rotating fan, presses out the excess air, and is adsorbed on the glass under the action of atmospheric pressure. However, the material requirements are higher.

(2) Advantages

①Improve work efficiency. Some jobs are dangerous and difficult to start. For example, the problem of cleaning the exterior windows of large buildings. With this equipment, it can be completed easily, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

②Get rid of housework, there are actually a lot of housework, but cleaning windows is generally a very troublesome thing, often out of reach, and cleaning problems. With this robot, you don’t have to worry about dust falling on yourself, don’t worry about cleaning No trouble.

③ Humanization. Mainly from the point of view of safety and use, the robot will automatically fall off after the power is used up, but don't worry, this robot is equipped with anti-drop equipment. Secondly, in terms of use, you only need to put the robot on the glass, and it will run automatically. Relying on the protection of artificial intelligence, the robot will clean the glass.

④Applicable to a variety of glass materials. Some robots are not limited by the material, generally the glass surface is smooth and can be wiped directly.

2. Window cleaning robot purchase points

When purchasing a window cleaning robot, we should pay attention to relevant information such as brand, cost performance, and performance. In the current market, there are not too many types of window cleaning robots, but their working principles are basically similar, and their functions are basically similar. For example, the window cleaning robot developed by HUTT Robot Company, their series products are relatively complete. This brand has been going on for many years, and it is among the best in the world in terms of product maturity, stability and functionality.

Next, I will introduce the applicable area, obstacle avoidance type, battery life, planning technology, etc. of the window cleaning robot one by one.

(1) Applicable area

Take out a few products for comparison.
If the applicable area is larger, the cleaning time will be reduced. Of course, depending on the user's needs, some are not used for household use, so the smaller applicable area will be very convenient.

If it is used for high-altitude work, try to choose a large area, which not only reduces the danger of high-altitude work, but also improves work efficiency.

Different people have different needs for the applicable area, we have to choose according to our actual situation.

(2) Obstacle avoidance type

Some obstacles on the windows often make cleaning more difficult. On the one hand, these obstacles reduce work efficiency, and on the other hand, make stains that cannot be wiped off very well. Therefore, avoid window cleaning robots. The choice of barrier type is very critical.

There are six types of obstacle avoidance on the market, and I will introduce the advantages of these obstacle avoidance types in detail.

Obstacle avoidance type Advantage
Monocular Obstacle Avoidance Using the method of AI image recognition, monocular recognition is relatively weak in terms of recognition effect.
Binocular Obstacle Avoidance Compared with monocular recognition, binocular recognition is more realistic and accurate in terms of measurement accuracy and object recognition accuracy, and it can also perform strategic obstacle avoidance.
Infrared obstacle avoidance Infrared obstacle avoidance mainly uses infrared ranging sensors to detect the position of the object through the received wave signal. It is stable during the working process, not easily disturbed, and the measurement is accurate.
Mechanical obstacle avoidance Through the detection of the collision between the manipulator and the obstacle, since three-dimensional path planning can be performed, the simulation planning of the overall obstacle avoidance path of the manipulator can be performed in real time.
Structured Light Obstacle Avoidance Using 3D structured light for obstacle avoidance, it can avoid obstacles, realize perception within the range of 4.5 cm to 30 cm, effectively and accurately locate obstacles and clear them in time.
TOF obstacle avoidance
An obstacle avoidance camera is used as a prototype to solve the shortcomings of 3D structured light obstacle avoidance, and it can easily deal with obstacles such as high environmental interference and metal brushed reflections. Obstacle avoidance sensor performance parameters can be customized. Compared with similar obstacle avoidance methods, this obstacle avoidance method is more superior.


Excellent obstacle avoidance method will make the glass cleaner, clean glass can make you feel comfortable, and let smart home enrich your life.

(3) Battery life

The longer the battery life, the longer the window cleaning robot will work, that is, the higher the work efficiency. If the battery life is shorter, it needs to be charged frequently, which is often a bad experience. When buying a wiper robot, consider the battery life.

The battery life is divided into less than 45 minutes and more than 45 minutes.
If the area of ​​​​the glass is small and the cleaning range is not so wide, we might as well use it for less than 45 minutes. At home, we do not require too much, and the charging time is not so long, so it is better to use it for less than 45 minutes. It's also a good buying strategy.

If you want to buy a product with a long battery life, it is also very possible, and the long battery life can effectively avoid the problems of dirty cleaning, early fall and low efficiency. Long battery life is generally used for large windows, and can also be used for high-altitude work. No matter whether the battery life is long or short, you must choose according to your own needs.

(4) Planning techniques

The mainstream planning on the market is Lds laser planning, gyroscope planning and intelligent planning. These three have good window cleaning effect and accurate positioning.

(5) Motor type

The essential requirement of wiping glass is to wipe clean, which is also the core. The mainstream cleaning methods on the market include scratching and wiping, and there is a big difference between the two.

First of all, the glass is thin or thick, thick or multi-layer glass does not have much requirements on the type. Although the scraping-type window cleaning robot wipes more cleanly, if the glass is expensive, it is still necessary to use the wiping type. Try to choose the wipe type for thin glass, because the scratch type will make the glass scratched, which is not worth the loss. The wipe type will not have scratches, but it cannot be removed for some stubborn stains.

Whether it is scratching or wiping, it is not perfect, but we have to pay attention to what our glass is like, and weigh the pros and cons, so that we can easily choose a suitable window cleaning robot.

(6) Adsorption force or vacuum degree

Considering the adsorption force, we need to know the classification of window cleaning robots. There are two types on the market. The first type uses a vacuum adsorption pump, and the second type uses a strong suction cup (wind motor).

The first one has advanced technology and good effect. The pressure of the line is uniform and stable. The air is extracted by the vacuum pump, and the gas is squeezed to form a strong adsorption force.

The second is the adsorption of the fan, which causes the suction cup to stick to the glass. In comparison, the former is better.

(7) Battery life

Most brands of window cleaning robots on the market have a UPS intelligent power-off system to prevent the robot from falling off after the electricity is used up. Most manufacturers use lithium batteries, which have a power-off battery life of about 20 minutes, and some can even reach 30 minutes. In fact, the better the battery life, the less likely it will drop. For us, We don't need to worry too much, it can give us a good window cleaning experience.

(8) Cleaning ability

After all, the purpose of purchasing window cleaning robots is to clean glass, or to clean various environments such as marble. If this requirement is not met, we will require some very specific equipment. Take the Ecovacs window cleaning robot as an example. The machine itself is equipped with three sets of window cleaning tools. In addition to the traditional dry cloth and wet cloth, it is also equipped with a silicone scraping strip, which can remove some very stubborn stains. Moreover, most of the rag-type microfiber cloths used in the market have a good dust-holding effect.

Specifically, there are the following aspects:
① Cleaning cloth
The cleaning cloth is directly in contact with the windows, floor tiles, marble or wooden boards, so a good quality cleaning cloth will directly affect the cleaning effect.

Mainly considering the service life, material and effect of the cleaning department, whether it is necessary to replace the Rongchen frequently, the effect is good, and whether it can scratch the glass. At present, it is known from the market that the diameter of the cleaning part of the Bo Niu window cleaning robot is only 0.4 microns, and the probability of scratching the glass is almost zero after long-term use. The survey data at home and abroad shows that the microfiber cloth with a diameter of less than or equal to 0.6 microns can effectively Absorbs dust. So when buying a window cleaning robot, we can ask what is the diameter of the window cleaning product? In order to achieve a relatively high-quality window cleaning experience.

② Tracks, detectors
A good crawler can facilitate the movement of the robot and reduce the impact on the glass. During the movement process, the glass may be indented and damaged. Using sophisticated detectors, it can detect the position of the edge and the position of the stain, and can clean the stain at a fixed point.

③ Cleaning method
Generally, the circular window cleaning robot on the market uses twisting and sliding, while the square window cleaning robot uses flat cleaning. The first one is more inclined to imitate manual window cleaning, so if the cleaning effect is considered, Might as well choose a circular window cleaning robot.

④ Cleaning coverage
The cleaning coverage rate of mainstream window cleaning robots on the market can reach more than 95%. The only thing to pay attention to is the appearance of the window cleaning robot. If a square window cleaning robot is used, the edges and corners can be cleaned without missing. However, the circular edge of the window cleaning robot is not close to the window during the movement process, and the corners cannot be detailed to the corners of the window, although the square and round window cleaning robots have frame detection. However, because of their own appearance, the cleaning coverage is similar, but if we are at home, there is no need to be strict about this. If it is a formal occasion, or high-altitude work, if the requirements are strict, then we may wish to buy Square window cleaning robot.

(9) Security

Generally speaking, the higher the attack rate and the stronger the adsorption force, the higher the safety performance and the lower the possibility of falling. Since the current market for such products is mainly aimed at high-level users in the community, they cannot clean the external windows in time, so the window cleaning robot is particularly important.

However, most products on the market are equipped with protective measures, which is worthy of concern. Therefore, professional safety ropes, super suction, super long battery life, and other basic information are our trade-off considerations for safety.

3. Window cleaning robot recommendation

① Product introduction

It can be used both wet and dry, suitable for tile glass environment. It can be charged for 2 hours and last for 120 minutes. The water tank capacity is 0.15 liters, which can be wiped repeatedly. The noise is 65 decibels, which is normal.

② Reasons for recommendation

(1) According to the degree of dirt, use variable frequency wet wipe to clean, adjust the pressure, and wipe more cleanly.

(2) Spray water while wiping, the metal water spray piece is accurate to 0.1 ml each time, and no marks are left after wiping.

(3) The capacity of the water tank is 150 ml, and the water is micro-controlled. Large enough capacity, canned, can wipe 70-80 square meters of glass after filling, efficient cleaning and reduce water consumption.

(4) Multi-layer composite material, track design, laser sensor, one-key control of the chassis. Through the voice broadcast of the IC person, it is easy to understand the progress of cleaning the window.

(5) Smaller size, 7.6cm ultra-thin body, lightweight, dexterous and delicate, and easier to operate with one hand.

(6) Intelligent planning, wipe the whole window with one key, efficient coverage without missing wipes, and automatically return to the origin after wipe.

(7) The coverage rate is high. The edge detection sensor of the laser module is used to accurately determine the boundary position. The window edge is decelerated in advance to protect the window frame, and the corners can also be wiped clean.

(8) Noise reduction optimization, optimized high-speed turbine wind resistance cutting design, traveling gear box design, motor vibration design, fluid sealing, in addition, eight groups of water spray points have been added, which can be canned with non-corrosive liquids such as clean water, and spray water within 10 seconds Once, evenly cover.

(4) Answers to various questions about the window cleaning robot

1. Is the window cleaning robot clean?

You can imagine, in fact, this is very similar to the sweeping robot, whether it is clean depends on the machine itself? It also depends on the environment to be wiped, it cannot be 100% clean, but it will definitely achieve the cleaning effect.

2. Which is better, round or square?

There are square, round and other forms of window cleaning robots mainstream on the market, but the difference is that the former is a wheel-type button removal, and the latter is a crawler-type flat wiper. From the perspective of cleaning speed and effect, the square is faster. If it is round, it is better to wipe out the corners.

3. Is the window cleaning robot good for cleaning windows?

The bottom of the high-quality window cleaning robot is close to a piece of microfiber window cleaning. The body uses strong suction to adsorb the machine on the glass as a whole. After starting, it will move forward in an n-shape or a z-shape, and wipe off the window. The stains can be cleaned without any worries. And because these products are equipped with artificial intelligence chips, they will automatically detect the cleanliness of the glass, so the cleaning effect is relatively good.

4. What should be paid attention to when purchasing a window cleaning robot?

First, understand the cleaning effects of various window cleaning robots on the market, and then purchase window cleaning robots after comparison. item requirement. So this is a very critical point.

Second, understand the safety protection equipment of the window cleaning robot. After all, it is high altitude, and the window cleaning will inevitably fall. We need to know whether the window cleaning robot is equipped with a series of safety prevention and control measures. Falling, even if it causes the machine to break down, even if it hits a person, even if it falls on another floor, is a danger. Therefore, when purchasing a window cleaning robot, it is very important to understand the safety protection equipment of the robot. Although the market is equipped with some safety protection measures, there are both high-quality and low-quality protection measures in the equipped protection measures.

Third, understand the trial area of ​​the window cleaning robot, because the windows at home are large and small. If the window cleaning robot you buy is suitable for a small area, it will be very inconvenient.

5. Is it necessary to buy a window cleaning robot?

First of all, we need to know the price of window cleaning robots on the market. They are generally very expensive, but their extended warranty measures are also very good, so we don’t need to worry too much about various maintenance problems.

If there are too many labors at home and there are many things to clean the windows, we are not afraid to buy a window cleaning robot to make our housework lighter. Of course, some of them are not housework, such as working at heights, which are dangerous and high For difficult work, we can hand it over to the robot, which will reduce engineering losses.

Secondly, some people may think that the price is too expensive and do not need to buy it, because sometimes we are not professional window cleaning, because the battery of the window cleaning robot will be depreciated, so it is relatively not cost-effective.

6. How to buy a suitable window cleaning robot?

First, understand the basic information such as the overall characteristics, functional dimensions, and wiping effects of the brand robot. There are many styles of window cleaning robots from mainstream brands in the market, but some of them are not very effective, and the size is not suitable for our needs. Therefore, when purchasing, we must choose according to our own preferences.

Second, understand the security measures of the window cleaning robot, the level of cleaning coverage, the market evaluation rate, the customer favor rate and other information. The equipment of the products on the market varies. When choosing a robot, the quality of the brand should be considered. Sometimes the price/performance ratio is not too important. The important thing is that the products we buy can really achieve the purpose of cleaning windows, and the quality is also guaranteed , There are a series of extended warranty measures, general brand products are better, such as HUTT window cleaning robot.

Third, does it meet your needs? Are you satisfied with the price/performance ratio? These are all worthy of our consideration. If you buy a good quality product and you are satisfied with the price, then it is a good deal. Of course, the better the quality of the products, the higher their prices will be. We might as well choose a product based on the favorability of a certain brand in the market, so compared to the price, these are more trade-offs.

7. Is there a lot of noise during cleaning?
Every window cleaning robot will generate noise during the cleaning process, but some window cleaning robots are only 65 decibels, some are even worse, 50 decibels, and some are 75 decibels, but no matter how many decibels, they are in the normal range. The range that the human ear can accept will not have a big impact on us. Generally, when we purchase products, we pay attention to the appropriate noise distribution of 65. Of course, it is also possible to choose 75 decibels. The size of the noise is related to their function and use. Some window cleaning robots use motor adsorption, so the louder the noise, the greater the power required, the higher its efficiency, and the better the cleaning effect. it is good. And some are vacuum-adsorbed, their price is high, but the corresponding noise will be smaller, we can learn the relevant information of the product through the official website, so as to make a good purchase.


A high-quality window cleaning robot often makes the environment in which it is located cleaner and more comfortable. There are many window cleaning robots on the market. If you want cost-effective, you may not get more enjoyment. You may wish to carefully understand the advantages of some brands, locate the product series through the brand, and then find which one you need, choose How to buy strategy, it depends on what you pay more attention to.

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