XIAOMI Mijia HUTT DDC55 Electric Window Cleaner Robot: setting new trends in life

XIAOMI Mijia HUTT DDC55 Electric Window Cleaner Robot: setting new trends in life

Today in the age of science and technology, many artificial intelligence products have appeared in our lives, helping us solve various cleaning problems. For example, cleaning robots, window cleaning robots, smart mops and so on.

xiaomi hutt ddc55

Today we come to know a window cleaning robot: DDC55 Electric Window Cleaner Robot.

The configuration of the window cleaning robot is still very complete. Host, power cord, safety rope, remote control. In addition, there are six pairs of original cleaning cloths for changing and using.

The unique design shape is very eye-catching. The black matte feel perfectly illustrates the minimalist style. The fuselage is only 1.14kg, which is thin and convenient. The symmetrical clasps on both sides of the robot are wide enough for a girl to operate with a single handheld. The two buttons on the front of the fuselage are the power switch and the start pause button, which are simple and intuitive.

xiaomi hutt ddc55 window cleaning robot

At the bottom of the HUTT DDC55 Electric Window Cleaner Robot are two suction cups. With intelligent suction adjustment function, the maximum suction can reach 3800P. In this way, not only the cleaning ability is improved, but also the safety during use.

Gecko twist-type design, one rotation is equivalent to wiping the same position more than 4 times, the work efficiency is very high. It has obviously improved its cleaning ability. Of course, all intelligent cleaning robots are not perfect. Although it has reached 98% coverage, it will still leave a small dead angle. And after the final cleaning, there will be two marks on the circle, just wipe it with your hand, it will not affect the overall effect.

xiaomi mijia hutt ddc55

After starting work, the window cleaner will first climb to a high point and then wipe down. The most interesting thing is that when the cleaning work is finished, the machine will return to the height where it was placed at the beginning, so that it can be easily removed.

Compare the effect before and after wiping. The rubbed area regained its brightness, and the dividing line looked very clear.
This window cleaning robot is only 8.5cm. Not only can it be cleaned on glass, it can also be used to wipe cars and clean bathroom tiles. Applicable to any flat doors and windows, desktop.
xiaomi mijia hutt ddc55 window cleaning robot
Summary: This HUTT DDC55 Electric Window Cleaner Robot is excellent both in appearance and cleaning strength. And the safety is very high. In addition to the variable frequency suction, the manufacturer also provides a safety rope with a metal buckle, so that the machine has a double guarantee in use.
xiaomi mijia hutt ddc55 window cleaning robot
The modern design and efficient cleaning ability can easily solve the daily trivial hygiene problems in your spare time. If you live in a high-rise modern apartment or sit in an office in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, the HUTT DDC55 Electric Window Cleaner Robot is definitely your best choice.

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