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Panoramic transparent Xiaomi HUTT W9 window cleaning robot 4 nozzles spray water, intelligent and environmentally friendly

Panoramic transparent Xiaomi HUTT W9 window cleaning robot 4 nozzles spray water, intelligent and environmentally friendly

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  1. The design of the HUTT W9 is stylish but unusual at the same time. Its tank is panoramic, which means you can see the amount of water available at all times. As standard, with water filling the robot covers an area of up to 90 square meters - two or even three times more than the needs of a medium or large apartment. The four side nozzles work in shifts, depending on the direction – left or right.
  2. HUTT W9 uses a classic zig-zag swing algorithm to descend to the lower level. The jet used is not a mist, as in previous models, but fine droplets. The speed of the robot and the high absorbency of the mop do not allow water to run down and penetrate the window. Its amount is calculated based on the volume of the three-layer mop.
  3. HUTT W9 The highly absorbent cleaning cloth follows the design of the robot and is extremely compact. It consists of three layers, the first one is made of micro-layers, the whole of which is made of nano-layers - soft and smooth, suitable for all types of surfaces - smooth, matte, smooth. The second layer is used for water absorption and retention, while the third layer is impermeable and durable. Flexible but secure.
  4. The HUTT W9 has 13 sensors that not only recognize standard and frameless windows but also detect areas with heavier pollution. 4 of them are for the corners, 8 help the robot overcome the obstacles and one constantly monitors the air pressure. The recovery system is extremely powerful, with a force of 3800Pa.
  5. HUTT W9 The crawler mechanism is designed so that it does not leave fine scratches, and the mop does not leave stains and lines. The result is a perfectly cleaned, sparkling window. The more often you clean, the easier it will be to get used to your new, irreplaceable helper.
  6. HUTT W9 has special functionality for automatic regulation of suction power. This feature allows it to clean as efficiently as possible by adjusting the suction power according to the needs of the surface being cleaned. This is achieved through the innovative HUTTHINK 3.0 technology, which is a new-generation frequency conversion system. The great power of 3800Pa of suction allows the robot to leave only perfect results from each cleaning.
  7. The HUTT W9 works silently, allowing you to enjoy a quiet environment while it cleans your screens.
  8. The robot's efficient cleaning process eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals, making it an environmentally friendly choice for both your home and the planet.
  9. The new Xiaomi HUTT W9 window cleaning robot combines innovation, functionality, and style to offer hassle-free window cleaning. Embrace the future of window cleaning with the HUTT W9 and enjoy clean, crystal-clear windows with minimal effort. Say goodbye to traditional cleaning methods and let your robot do the work for you.

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